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Anatomy of Conflict Podcast is live!

Anatomy of Conflict Podcast is live!
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Have you considered changing your whole perspective on life?

Have you thought that all those words that you spoke shouldn't have been spoken in that way?

Have you blamed it on you or on your closest ones?

Have you learnt how important it is to stop and listen?

You know what empathy is, but do you know how to practice and apply it?

Can you imagine that things could have turned out better for both or all of you?

Or do you want to keep all those conflicts burning?


Why "Anatomy of Conflict"? - Because we dismantle all its parts and see what does not work, why it works as it does and how to make the parts fit harmoniously in our mind and body.

Start listening to these podcasts now, do not wait until you think you have got a problem.

You may want to continue with these daily trainings on topics which may seem easy but they are so complicated.